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(born 1959, Montreal, Canada)


I have led over 250 writing workshops, master classes and seminars in a wide range of settings from universities to elementary schools, both in Canada and abroad. I have taught in traditional and digital classrooms; in urban, rural, and indigenous settings (including Inuit communities in Quebec's north). I have mentored aspiring writers and at-risk youth, led poetry workshops for the Quebec Writers' Federation and coached educators on how to teach creative writing. For over a decade, I participated in “Quebec Roots” an innovative educational project created by the Blue Metropolis Literary Foundation, in which a writer/photographer team partners with students to help them develop and publish a photo-essay of their community


In 2009, Montreal poet Endre Farkas and I founded Poetry Quebec, an online magazine dedicated to the English-language poetry of Quebec. One of the key features of this website was a compilation of interviews with prominent Quebec poets and spoken word artists discussing poetics and their creative process. When the magazine folded in 2013, we expanded and collected these into a book-length publication called Language Matters, which has become a valuable resource tool for academics and members of the general public with an interest in Quebec's English-language poets.  During my tenure as poetry editor for Signature Editions (2008-2011), I selected and edited some dozen poetry collections by new and established Canadian authors.


Since the 1990s, I have worked collaboratively with Endre to take poetry off the page and into public spaces. In 2004, we curated Poésie en movement, showcasing the work of twenty Quebec poets on Montreal's transit system. We also produced and hosted Circus of Words / Cirque des mots, an annual cabaret of multidisciplinary, multilingual performances focusing on the “theatre” of poetry. In 2012, we co-produced Montreal’s Centenary commemoration of Irving Layton, a sold-out evening of readings and personal tributes by well known celebrities including Moses Znaimer and the current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, alongside the city’s rising stars in poetry.


For more information, or if you would like to schedule an interview or public appearance, please drop me a line. I'm

based in Montreal but am also available via Skype.


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