Two Poems to Usher in the New Year

NEW YEAR’S DAY 00:01 A.M. Dropped, the Ball orchestrated the Big Bang, the constellations, the Square & its ear-nose-and-throat-splitting invective. Night effervesced. Then it was done. Earth blackened on her molten stick. Ancient cities dwindled into coals. One by one, the lights went, popping until the filament of the last bulb spittled & singed its comet tail. Not done— I was wrong. An icicle leapt. Plenitude crept into the congealed circuitry of my blood. Pine boughs laced with snow whispered your name. (from Paper Oranges, 2008) © Carolyn Marie Souaid BLESSING (a Cento*) The world is calling out for the world. In the throat, an endless mountain words rising, the shapes unnatural, a blui