Chez les Géants: Devolving Into Inuit Stereotypes

As a Qallunaaq (White/non-Inuit) with a personal interest in the North, I try to see as many Inuit-themed films as I can. These days, there are many. Some are excellent. Others, well, not so much. My interest piqued after having taught in communities along the Hudson-Ungava coast in the 1980s. I've stayed in the loop through my ongoing creative projects with students up north and current work as an academic counsellor to those attending college down south. I don't pretend to have a comprehensive understanding of the culture, but I do have Inuit friends and colleagues who share their insights with me from time to time. I know a little. Enough to recognize that I am still an outsider. Recently

So Long, Leonard

Hommage à Leonard Cohen: A Perfect Offering Saturday, November 12 4 to 6 PM Parc du Portugal, rue Saint-Laurent Kathy Kennedy and the Hmmm project invited all Montrealers to share in a commemoration vigil and sing-along to celebrate the life and gifts of Leonard Cohen. We sang So Long, Marianne, Hallelujah and more. Here are my images of the afternoon along with excerpts from his work. I heard of a man who says words so beautifully that if he only speaks their name women give themselves to him... - from Let Us Compare Mythologies, 1956 © Carolyn Marie Souaid Elegy Do not look for him In brittle mountain streams: They are too cold for any god;​ ​And do not examine the angry rivers For shreds