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November 11, 2018

  • ate seaweed fresh out of the water 

  • checked my emails

  • checked my Facebook 

  • watched a dog stand guard while his friend stole scraps from the hotel garbage bin 

  • ditto, the other dog 

  • checked my Facebook

  • checked the Weather Network

  • drove to the Co-op for Tenderflake

  • bought an entire bag of MacIntosh apples just to eat one

  • ...

December 31, 2017


      00:01 A.M.

Dropped, the Ball orchestrated the Big Bang,

the constellations, the Square

& its ear-nose-and-throat-splitting invective.

Night effervesced. Then it was done.

Earth blackened on her molten stick.

Ancient cities dwindled into coals.

One by one, the lights went,

popping until the filament of the last bulb

spittled & singed its...

October 15, 2017

It is fitting that my first public reading of Yasmeen Haddad Loves Joanasi Maqaittik took place at the Royal Military College in Saint-Jean. Two years ago, Dr. Nanette Norris of the English Department invited me to read from my work and I included an except from my then-unpublished manuscript. Since that time, the manuscript underwent many edits and rewrites, and the...

September 10, 2017

Years ago, I wrote a snooty piece about how poetry was the highest of all written forms, that its demands on the reader and the writer far exceeded the rigour required of the novelist or the "ordinary" consumer of prose. My focus was on the precision and density of the made thing, the poem, how exquisitely wrought it is and how no other creator of text has to work as...

Some say your ancestors arrived from the Bering land bridge 4000 years ago, followed the caribou herds. Mine arrived here by boat from Lebanon in the early 20th century. You and me: two very different tribes. I joke about it now, the snow and sand intersecting on a map of Canada. I help you navigate your way through school in the South. Teach you the modern economy a...

November 19, 2016

As a Qallunaaq (White/non-Inuit) with a personal interest in the North, I try to see as many Inuit-themed films as I can. These days, there are many. Some are excellent. Others, well, not so much. My interest piqued after having taught in communities along the Hudson-Ungava coast in the 1980s. I've stayed in the loop through my ongoing creative projects with students...

November 13, 2016

Hommage à Leonard Cohen: A Perfect Offering

Saturday, November 12

4 to 6 PM

Parc du Portugal, rue Saint-Laurent

Kathy Kennedy and the Hmmm project invited all Montrealers to share in a commemoration vigil and sing-along to celebrate the life and gifts of Leonard Cohen. We sang So Long, Marianne, Hallelujah and more. Here are my images of the afternoon along with excerpts...

July 29, 2016

               image © CMS

      I'm in Saskatchewan for the Sage Hill Writing Experience, a ten-day retreat for writers at various stages in the development of a literary project. Full disclosure: Saskatchewan is the one province I have never travelled to before now. Frankly, it was never high on my bucket list. Whene...

"A Pap test plus an HPV test (called co-testing) is the preferred way to find early cervical cancers or pre-cancers in women 30 and older." 

         - from the website of the American Cancer Society




I am pleased to hear that organizations across the province intend to sue the federal government in order to force Quebec to put an end to medical...

April 18, 2016


Coming off the metro at Atwater station a couple of days ago, I noticed a commotion in the usual spot where people sit begging for money. Two police officers had confronted a bedraggled Inuit woman and were going through her wallet, bombarding her with questions. One of the officers seemed to be writing up a ticket. What was the point, I thought. Would she have the...

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